Terms and Conditions


The following definitions are hereby acknowledged for the purposes of this Privacy Policy:

Service”: set of research, scheduling, management and marketing tools available from BUK;

BUK”: entity providing the Service, legally represented by Untold Ventures Lda, VAT 514604778;

Professional User” – a person or a collective who use the Service and who additionally provide their own services;

User” – a person or a collective who uses the Service. Includes all "Professional Users".

Account” – Personal Area of each User;

Website” – online site where the Service is available, accessible through the address www.buk.app.



The use of this Service and the Website implies the acceptance, in full and without reservation, of all the provisions included in these Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as in the Privacy Policy of BUK.


BUK reserves the right to periodically alter, without prior notice, the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, which the User must consult, prior to using the Service. If you do not fully agree with its provisions, you should not use the Service.


The User may consult the current version of the Terms and Conditions at any time at the following address: www.buk.app/terms.


Any new resources that change or improve the current Service, including the release of new tools, are subject to the conditions set forth in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy


By using the Service, the User is accepting the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy in force.


Violation of any of the conditions set forth in the Terms and Conditions confers on BUK the right to lock up the User's Personal Area and to prevent the User from using the Service.



This service is intended to be used only by legal adults, with the capacity to exercise their rights in the Portuguese law.


All residents, domiciled or headquartered in other countries, other than Portugal, must ensure that they are allowed to access and use the Service and the Website.



All intellectual property rights on the Website, its contents and the available Service are the property of BUK or its licensors, unless expressly indicated otherwise.


The User agrees that the Service contains protected and confidential information that is protected by applicable legislation.


BUK grants the User a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to view or print the content of the Website for personal, non-commercial use only.


The User may not duplicate, copy, reproduce, redistribute or reuse any part of the Website or Service without the express written authorization of BUK, risking incurring in civil and criminal liability.


O Utilizador é responsável por toda a actividade e por todo o conteúdo inserido na sua Área Pessoal. Ao enviar ou transmitir conteúdos para o Website ou para a BUK, o Utilizador declara ser o proprietário dos direitos de utilização desses conteúdos e concede à BUK uma licença não exclusiva, mundial e gratuita para utilizar, reproduzir, explorar e preparar obras derivadas da informação submetida.


The information shared by the User in public areas of the Website or Service will not be considered confidential information.


The User understands and agrees that BUK cannot be held responsible for any content inserted and presented during the use of the Service;



In order to be able to use all the functionalities of the Service, the User must register on the Website, providing certain personal data for the service. The use of the Website as a registered user will allow you to take advantage of the promotions issued by the Professional Users, in the terms specified in each available promotion.


The User is entirely responsible for the creation and use of his/her password, which is personal and non-transferable, guaranteeing its confidentiality. The User agrees to immediately inform BUK, in the event that he knows that the confidentiality of his password is compromised. BUK cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from third party access to a User's Personal Area.


It is not allowed to share the access credentials to a Personal Area between different Users. Each User must define and use unique and non-transferable access credentials;


In addition to these Terms of Use, the use of links to BUK's own websites of Professional Users or Partners may be subject to additional terms and conditions. If applicable, please certify that you read these additional terms and conditions before using the websites and/or purchasing the services and products available..


The User acknowledges that BUK does not sponsor any of the websites to which it provides links, nor does it sponsor any website that links to the Website, and that BUK is not responsible for the content of such websites.


O User acknowledges that: (i) the Internet is a worldwide network of computers and any information sent or transmitted by it will necessarily be routed by third party computers; (ii) BUK is not responsible for any failure in the security of the communications and does not assume any responsibility for the undisclosed use of its information by third parties; (iii) the Service is provided online, for which BUK is not responsible for any lack of connectivity and inerent impossibility of its use.


BUK does not guarantee that (i) the Service satisfies all the specific needs of the User, (ii) the Service is uninterrupted, timely, secure or free of errors, (iii) the results that can be obtained with the use of the Service are accurate or reliable, and (iv) any errors that may exist in the Service are corrected.


The User expressly understands and agrees that BUK cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to: damages for lost profits, damages for improper use, data or other intangible or consequential loss resulting from the use of the Service.



In the scope of the use of the Website, the User agrees not to:

  • Use any mechanism, computer program or technology to interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal functioning of it;
  • Send or transmit illegal, fraudulent, defamatory or obscene information thought the Website;
  • Send or transmit to the Website information that contains viruses or bugs;
  • Publish, display, distribute, create derivative works, reproduce or use the content of the Website (excluding the express and previously permitted use);
  • Sending or transmitting information that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties;
  • Develop any activity that overloads the BUK infrastructure too much; Insert, host, upload, transmit or send unsolicited "spam" messages;
  • Insert, host, upload, transmit or send unsolicited "spam" messages;
  • Display any part of the content of the Website through the use of framing, links or other technology without the express written authorization of BUK.



The Professional User can experience a limited version of the Service for free, without any associated cost.


Whenever a Professional User does not cancel the subscription of the Service within thirty days after the registration on the Website, BUK reserves the right to start charging the Service through the issuance of the respective invoices.


The Service is charged in advance according to the periodicity contracted (monthly or annual) and is not refundable. There will be no right to reimbursement or credit provided that (i) the subscription of the Service is cancelled, (ii) the upgrade/downgrade of the subscribed plan has been effected, or (iii) there are periods of time without use or access to the Personal Area.


If the Professional User carries out or requests the upgrade or downgrade of the Service plan, the payment of the respective subscription will be automatically demanded, expiring in the billing period immediately after.


The Professional User can make the payment of the contracted Service through a "multibanco" reference, bank transfer, credit card, or other payment methods indicated in the invoice or on the Website. The prices associated with the subscription of the Service are presented in Euros and do not include any taxes or charges required by the tax authorities.



The User is solely responsible for the proper cancellation of the subscription of the Service. Cancellation can be made at any time through the User's Personal Area.


Sending an email message or a phone call to request the cancellation of a subscription is not considered a valid cancellation procedure.


After the cancellation of the subscription by the User, the content of his Personal Area will be deleted and it will not be possible to recover the information.


If the cancellation of the subscription, by a Professional User, occurs before the end of the month in which payment has already been made, the cancellation will be immediately effective and the Service will not be charged again.


BUK may, at any height, without justification and without prior notice, terminate, restrict, suspend or revoke the access of a User to part or all of the Service. If it believes, as a general rule, that you are going to use the Service indevolently or that you are going to violate the Terms and Conditions of Use.


BUK reserves the right to refuse to provide the Service to any individual or collective person for any reason, at any time.



BUK reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Service (or any part thereof) without prior notice or with prior notice of thirty days in the event of permanent discontinuance.


The User expressly agrees that BUK automatically provides such modifications or corrections as part of the Service.


As part of the Service, BUK will also be able to temporarily discontinue and modify the Service or Website, as a result of corrections to software problems, improvements in functionalities, general improvements, or new versions of the Service, with the aim of improving its performance, thus aiming at maximum satisfaction and benefit for the User. BUK will not be liable to the User or third parties for any damages that may result from the cessation or suspension of the Website, the Personal Area or the User's access to the Service.


The prices set by BUK, including but not limited to the monthly subscription of the Service, are subject to change by prior notice of thirty days. This notice may be provided at any time through the publication of the changes to the BUK website (www.buk.app).


The User or third parties cannot hold BUK responsible for any contract, tort, criminal or other form of damage due to any modification or alteration of the prices, suspension or payment of the Service.



The User understands and agrees that BUK acts only as a facilitator of the service dialing process.


The User confers to BUK the power to, on his or her behalf, mark, alter or cancel the services provided by Professional Users.


An appointment is only confirmed when the User receives a confirmation message sent by BUK on behalf of the Professional User.


If the User wishes to cancel his/her appointment, he/she can do so by using (i) the hyperlink available in the confirmation message or (ii) the option "Scheduled appointments" available in his/her Personal Area.


The User must make sure that he/she arrives at the Professional User's establishment at the right time. If you do not show up at the scheduled time, your appointment may be cancelled.


The execution of the services, whose scheduling was made by the User through the Website, is the exclusive responsibility of the Professional User (who provides the respective services) and of the establishments where they operate.


The scheduling of services through the Website www.buk.app does not confer to the User any kind of guarantee of the results of services provided by the chosen Professional User.


BUK informs that the services that you can schedule through the Website will be billed by the Professional User, and not by BUK.


The Website contains only indicative information about the prices practiced by Professional Users in the provision of services. The information regarding the prices is provided by the respective Professional User, and BUK cannot give any guarantee of its constant updating.


The User understands and agrees that BUK cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to: (i) damages arising from the failure to perform services scheduled through the Website, (ii) damages arising from delays in the performance of services scheduled through the Website, (iii) damages arising from dissatisfaction with the services scheduled through the Website, and (iv) data or other tangible or intangible loss resulting from the use of the Service.



The User guarantees that all personal data/information available to BUK is true and up to date.


The User is solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made by him/her and for any damage directly or indirectly caused by him/her to BUK or its partners with the information he/she provides.


BUK will process the personal data of the User for the purposes of execution of the Service and the appointments made on the selected Professional Users, with respect to the applicable legislation. Users' personal data may be used to provide the Professional User with important information about the Service that the User intends to use, such as the request for appointments, alteration or cancellation of services.


Additionally, with the User's consent, information about other BUK Services or its Partners may be sent. BUK will not communicate to third parties the personal data of the User without the User's consent.


The User may consult, alter and delete the personal data that he has sent to BUK by sending a written request. View Privacy Policy


The personal data that we collect is exclusively intended to be processed in the scope of the commercial / contractual and pre-contractual relationships established. We ensure the protection of the privacy of your personal data, namely, your personal data stored in our system, protecting them against loss, destruction, unauthorized access, alteration or disclosure, in compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016).



The User acknowledges that the access and use of the Website may suffer interruptions and that the information on this Website may contain bugs, errors, technical faults, problems or other limitations and that access may be impossible at certain times. BUK is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of the Website.


In the maximum terms allowed by law, BUK excludes any responsibility for the use of the Service.



These Terms of Use apply to Portuguese law. Any dispute between BUK and the User arising between the BUK and the User shall be exclusively referred to the judicial tribunals of the Porto region.



If you wish to contact BUK regarding the content of the Terms and Conditions of Use, or other questions, you may do so by emailing support@buk.app